Check List of 5 Best Camera Straps in 2022!

Well usually spend quite a lot of time in search of perfect equipment for photographing but in this research many photographers do not give much thought to camera straps as they usually come with a camera. But it is certainly one of the important parts of the kit.

Many users do not even bother to use camera straps and hold camera in their hands but I can assure you that you are inviting a disaster for your prized possession by doing so therefore to keep camera from crashing to the ground, they  come with straps but you can also purchase other straps from market to cater your particular need.

They are made from leather, nylon, paracord, cotton, canvas, or cloth but leather is the best option that suits most photographers’ need because of its non-slip and smooth nature.

There are four types of cameras strap:

  • Wrist strap
  • Neck strap
  • Cross-body strap/sling strap
  • Harness strap

But why would one purchase the best camera straps that are already available to you. The truth is this equipment is very necessary to carry your camera around therefore it must be comfortable and functional according to your photography needs.

It is totally worth spending money on purchasing best camera straps. Whether you want something that looks stylish or more functional, all you have to do is dig a little and you will have best camera strap. Do not worry as in this guide we have done the “dig” part for you.

What To Inspect When Choosing A Camera Strap

Since we are entrusting several thousand dollars to our chosen straps therefore it must be good enough to make itself worth it. It is not necessary that best camera straps are always expensive. There are few things that should be inspected before purchasing a camera strap which are as follows:

  • Weight limits

Check whether the selected strap is rated for your gear or not. Make sure to check its limits before purchasing as we do not want our camera to drop.

  • Wide Straps

If you are the kind of person who carries camera around his neck than make sure its 1 1/2” or 2” as it will distribute the weight of camera more evenly and feel more comfortable.

  • Plastic Snaps Or Buckles

Its totally on your preference. You have to decide between plastic snaps or buckles. Whatever helps you feel more comfortable.

  • Stitching

The  stitching of the strap must be very good, there must not be any loose thread, also make sure that stitching is not pulling apart from anywhere.

How the camera strap is connecting to the camera

Before purchasing a camera  strap inspect how it connects to your camera. If it is covering battery panel then it will be difficult to change batteries. Also check whether it will hinder the camera adjustment with tripod stand or not.

  • Benefits Of Using A Camera Strap

There are many benefits of using a camera straps

  • Faster lens changes

A strap helps camera to hang around the neck or shoulder which shifts it in a convenient position. Due to this, changing a camera lens becomes so much faster. On the other hand, if you are doing the same task by going strapless, it will take atleast double the time.

  • Hands-Free

Straps make you go hands-free while not using a camera. There are various things you can do while not taking pictures and holding cameras.

  • Security

There are many times when we misplace our things and camera might be one of them if we hold it casually in our hands. Similarly, if we are taking pictures in busy places then chances are we will get knocked over and might drop our camera. Therefore, using a camera strap will give you security and you will neither lose it nor drop it.

  • Fail-Safe

There are many dangerous places like shooting down the balcony where you usually set a tripod. Set your camera on the tripod but you better keep your strap on.

  • Multiple Cameras

Many photographers use more than one cameras which are difficult to carry. Using a strap will help you carry and switch  them easily.

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  • Anti-Theft

If you have your camera attached to a strap than chances of it getting snatched are more less. Some camera straps even have a metal wire setting which prevents it from slashing.

1. Op/Tech Pro Loop Strap

Op/Tech pro loop strap is a well priced strap that is able to provide all-day comfort to its user. It is suitable for neck and around the shoulder use. It is a versatile strap that is used for professional cameras, portable battery packs and even large binoculars. It has a patented weight reduction system. It is composed of soft and durable neoprene. Its reinforcement band of elastic is able to absorb the shock of movements and distribute weight of the camera.

With its use, you can say goodbye to shoulder and neck soreness. It can easily be attached and detached to your camera. With its non-slip technology, it is able to stay in place.

It is a 2.5″ wide, and lightweight neoprene pad with dimensions 2. 5″ X 15″ (6, 3cm x 38, 1cm). It can be quickly disconnected from the main neoprene pad unit and can be connected together which transforms it to a hand strap. Due to its versatility, professional photographers with heavy cameras and lenses are prefering this best camera strap.


  • Comes with a wide neck pad
  • Not costly


  • Has square cut edges that can rub


2. BlackRapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap

If you are tired of your camera hanging around your neck that I can recommend one of best camera straps that will be a great alternative. BlackRapid Sport Breathe camera strap is designed for street, sports or adventure photographers. It is a shoulder strap that can distribute the weight equally because it has a wider part on the back.

It is made up of very light weight and breathable materials. It has CR-3 sliding carabiner with FR-5 case screw. Its weight is about 190g and is 167cm long. It is especially designed to be worned across the body. You can carry it from left shoulder to right hip and vise versa. That means that camera will be in upside position at your hip. This position makes the camera available whenever we start shooting.

WIth its sling style nature, it attaches to a camera through the screw fastener in the tripod bush. Whereas the said  screw has a loop that helps to attach a lockable carabiner

It is very secure strap with spring loaded bumper locks for camera. It can easily make you comfortable even if you are carrying heavy gear. It has adjustable length and a moisture wicking shoulder pad..


  • Comfortable to carry heavy camera
  • Adjustable length
  • Comes in left and right versions


  • Expensive
  • Slow to attach


3. BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness

BlackRapid Double as its name suggests is a strap or harness  for two cameras. You can carry this strap like a backpack. It is suitable for event, press, wedding photographers who make use of more than two cameras at a time. This best camera strap will make both cameras easily available. It is 160cm long and 353g heavy. It is made up of 2 CR-3 sliding carabiners, 2 mounting screws FR-5 housing, 2 LOCKSTAR protectors, and a storage case.

Just like its single shoulder version, it also attaches through a screw thread in tripod mounts of camera. Both of its shoulder pads are 2.5cm wide which divides the load across the shoulder. The two halves of it are kept together by chest and back straps. Wheres the lower back strap is stretchable to provide comfort. The front of it has a snap fastening which makes it easy to put on and off.

The lockable carabiners  attach the cameras to double breathe whereas the threaded section on carabiners are made to stop them from opening while a clip is also present which stops the thread from opening.


  • Two cameras can be carried easily and comfortably
  • Adjustable lenght
  • Secure fixing for cameras


  • Attaches to tripod mount of camera.
  • It is sometimes difficult to put on and off due to two cameras hanging simultaneously.


4. Op/Tech Double Harness

Dual camera strap or harness are perfect for wedding or event photographers who uses more than one camera. it enables them to switch between cameras effortlessly. There are many camera straps available in the market, but Op/Tech double harness is certainly one of best camera straps.

It is a very comfortable harness that lets you carry two cameras at a time without any fuss. It has a U-shaped neoprene neck pad which is able to diffuse the weight of both cameras while absorbing the shock of movements

It can also be used to carry binoculars. It balances both cameras greatly. It also has interchangeable version. Its ⅜ inches interchangeable design can be converted in to single shoulder strap. Its chest strap is  removable which helps in extra support and balancing the gear.

Its back section is adjustable whereas sternim strap aids in fixing the harness and balncing the cameras.


  • Adjustable back strap
  • Interchangeable design
  • Weight is distributed evenly


  • Connects through strap eyelet instead to tripod plate


5. Woolnut Camera Strap


A little bit on expensive side but its worth every penny. Woolnut camera strap is also another one of the best camera straps that will last for a lifetime. It literally oozes luxury with a high quality vegetable tanned full-grain leather from Scandinavia. It also has a soft wool which is 100% natural.

It may be an expensive strap but the materials from which it is made will become more lively with each passing minute. Its another great feature is its adjustable length which makes it interchangeable between neck and shoulder strap.

To provide full support there is a soft padding in the neck part whereas metal rings are also present at the end of the strap which makes it compatible to almost every camera.


  • Comfortable
  • Luxurious
  • Available in black and walnut brown


  • Quite expensive



When should a camera strap be used?

Camera strap is a great way to stabilize your camera when  tripod is not available you can either wrap the strap around your wrist, or slung over your neck, , they can always stabilize cameras greatly.

What are camera straps made of?

Almost all camera straps are made from leather or nylon which looks good but they are not always comfortable for extended time periods.

Do cameras come with a strap?

Yes, cameras come with a camera strap. Cameras usually come with everything you need to start shooting. They contain cables, batteries, strap and instruction manual.

Bottom Line

Using a camera strap is a great way to carry your camera easily and comfortably. Many photographers like event and weddings make use of more than one camera. Using the best camera straps will allow them to switch between their gear easily and comfortably. There are many kinds of straps available in the market like neck strap, shoulder strap, and wrist strap.

In this guide I have reviewed top five neck and shoulder straps. If I have to choose three from these five camera straps then they will be:

Op/Tech Pro Loop Strap: it is a comfortable strap which can be carried around the neck and shoulder as well. It is not only made to carry cameras, it can carry other objects like portable battery packs and large binoculars. It stays in place because of its non-slip technology.

Woolnut Camera Strap: its is not an affordable option but its worth the money due to its outclassed look and feel. It is made up of 100% natural wool from the inside and high quality vegetable tanned full-grain leather from outside.  It comes with metal rings at the end of the strap to make it compatible with almost all cameras.

BlackRapid Double Harness Or Strap: it is a strap which is used to carry two cameras. Its shoulder pads which are 2.5 cm long are able to divide the load across the shoulder. To provide maximum comfort, its lower back strap are elasticated. It is very easy to put it on and off  due to its snap fastening at front.

Out of these three Op/Tech pro loop strap is our first choice mostly because it is very comfortable to use.

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