5 Best Cellular Trail Cameras to Buy in 2022!

Trail cameras are also called camera traps. They are placed in places that can’t be visited easily or in an environment to monitor shy wildlife or to watch them behaving naturally without human interference. Best Cellular trail cameras are trail cameras that allow you to use a SIM card to transmit images and/or videos directly to your smartphones. This omits the need for constant visits to retrieve images and also saves time.

Some cellular trail cameras come with their own SIM card with a monthly financial plan. By using these cameras, you can upload images directly to your smartphone. Best cellular trail cameras come with large cellular coverage, good battery life, and fast trigger speed.

The feature to get images and videos directly to your smartphone is very useful especially when the camera is being used in potentially dangerous places. If you want to know about some best cellular Trail cameras then keep reading this review guide.

How to Buy Best Cellular Trail Cameras?

  • Picture quality

For a trail camera, the highest megapixel count is not always equal to best camera. Thus, we give picture quality importance which depends on more than one feature.

  • Night Vision

Many wildlife is active only at nighttime therefore night vision of trail camera must also be very good to capture it.

  • Infrared System

Best cellular trail cameras must have good night vision. For that to be achieved, its infrared system must also be good enough to emit and absorb radiation that will be unnoticed by the night wildlife.

  • Cellular Connection

Cellular connection of your smartphone must also be good. We give cellular connection importance because it is responsible for transmitting images and videos to your smartphones.

  • Battery Life

Battery life plays a very crucial role, especially if the camera is being installed in remote locations because you can’t visit such places more often just to change batteries. Best cellular trail cameras also come with solar panels that will help keep the cameras active for a long time by recharging batteries.

  • Build

Best cellular trail cameras survive in all types of conditions from rainstorms to extremely hot environments. Therefore, its build must be very rugged to withstand harsh weather.

  • GPS and Other Special Features

Special features like GPS and daisy chain connections to deliver photos from multiple cameras over one transmitter are very useful. We always give importance to those trail cameras that have useful features.

5 Best Cellular Trail Cameras Reviewed:

Now that we have some knowledge of what to look for when purchasing a cellular trail camera, let’s have a look at best cellular trail cameras.

1. Tactacam Reveal X Cellular Trail Camera

User Level: Professionals

Tactacam Reveal X is a small and discreet camera that is used as a scouting tool. It may be small but is ruggedly built to tolerate extreme weather. It has a 16MP camera and can record 1080p HD videos.

Tactacam Reveal X is one of best cellular trail cameras that has fast trigger speed. It has a low glow infrared with a 96+ flash range that can capture night shots without spooking any wildlife.

It also has a multi-shot burst setting that can capture 1 to 3 pictures per trigger. With a detection range of 96+ feet, it has a motion sensor with a narrower detection angle of 45°. You can also fine-tune its PIR sensor with its 9 sensitivity settings.

With a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds, it is lagging behind other trail cameras in its range. It does not have a colored LCD screen but you will not miss it as you can handle camera setup from your smartphone with its Reveal App.

In addition to its WiFi, Tactacam also offers different data plans from month to month to year-round. A discount is also offered for people who pay annually.


  • 16MP camera
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • 96+ ft flash range and detection range
  • Compact size
  • Good customer service


  • User manual could be better
  • Video clips cannot be transferred
  • Low glow flash


2. Wildgame Innovations Terra Extreme Megapixel IR Trail Camera

User Level: Beginners, Professionals

Terra Extreme trail camera is on the second number of our best cellular trail cameras. It comes with a camera which can deliver excellent images with its 16:9 aspect ratio. It can also capture 720p HD video for up to 30 seconds. It is also water-resistant.

With detection range of up to 60 feet of its PIR sensor and trigger speed of fewer than 0.75 seconds, it offers 16:9 aspect ratio. Its trigger speed is however not very good as compared to other entry-level phones but its aspect ratio balances the game.

It is supported by low glow flash and has 21 high-intensity IR LEDs with 65 feet flash range. It does not come with a Color LCD screen which is a disappointment because you won’t be able to preview images and videos in the field. It also lacks a time-lapse feature which is not needed by many.

Many factors affect battery life including the amount of traffic the camera gets, camera settings, and the quality of batteries. It uses 8 AA batteries. If they are of good quality then you can expect them to last for up to 1 year or 30,000 photos.


  • 14MP camera
  • Long battery life
  • Ease of use


  • No mounting straps, only two bungee cords are available
  • Not much customizable
  • No color LCD screen


3. Muddy Manifest Cellular Trail Camera

User Level: Professionals

Muddy manifest cellular trail camera is next on our list of best cellular trail cameras. It has three levels of image resolution: 20MP/8MP/4MP. It also offers high and low upload resolutions. With 0.8 second trigger speed, it has 4- piece, 850nm Power LEDs that let you capture best results during nighttime as well. The range for both infrared flash and detection is 80 feet.

It also offers image stamping with time, date, moon phase, and camera’s name. It can take 1 to 3 images per trigger on burst mode. With the help of its Quick Scan QR Code Setup, It can be set up easily. It runs on 8AA batteries and accepts a memory card of up to 32GB.

Muddy manifest cellular trail camera also offers easy cellular activation and comfortable data plans. It can easily be transported with a minimum visual signature to avoid disturbance or theft.


  • Easy to set up
  • Closely matches detection
  • Three levels of image resolution


  • The picture quality is average
  • Low battery life
  • A detection circuit doesn’t always work well.


4. SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LTE Cellular Trail Camera

User Level: Beginners, Professionals

Spypoint LINK-MICRO-LTE is a compact and affordable cellular trail camera with a remarkable LTE cellular network. It is one of the best cellular trail cameras with a 10MP resolution. It is also supported by rechargeable batteries and solar panels.

Spypoint LINK-MICRO-LTE does not have complicated features which makes it easy to use for both experts and beginners. Its small size makes it easy to camouflage in the environment.

It also reduces the human impact on the animals you are monitoring, because its cellular feature directly transmits photos to your smartphone. It makes your visits to the area to be monitored lesser which in turn allows the wildlife to behave naturally.

It also provides advanced mobile scouting tools which make analyzing data easier. It also offers an unlimited data plan.  Its trigger speed is 0.4 seconds with 80 feet detection and flash range. It has a low glow flash. In its burst mode, it can only take two images per trigger. It doesn’t have a video and time-lapse feature.


  • 4 seconds trigger speed
  • Compact size
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • Low glow flash
  • No video and time-lapse feature
  • Only two images per trigger in its burst mode


5. Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Trail Camera

Last but not least on our list of best cellular trail cameras is Moultrie mobile Delta base cellular trail camera. It is jam packed with advanced features. It comes with a 24 MP resolution and is able to record HD videos with audio. With the help of its 36 LED, it delivers crispy images of both daytime and nighttime.

Moultrie mobile database cellular trail camera has trigger speed of 0.75 seconds with 80 feet detection and flash range. The most prominent part of its feature is its invisible flash which will not spook wildlife at all.

Its battery life is also very good. It offers different power options including AA alkaline and lithium batteries. It also comes with solar power accessories. Both AT&T and Verizon are supported by this camera which also helps it to be one of best cellular trail cameras.

It also has an external Cellboost antenna which helps in boosting cellular reception. With SmartTags, it can recognize many species. With the help of Moultrie mobile app, it can directly transfer images and videos to your smartphone.

It has a longer life because of its strongly built weather resistant body. It is simple to use and set up. All you have to do is press the CONNECT button on the camera. Then follow a few easy steps shown by Moultrie Mobile App to fully set up your camera.

It also offers a cloud-based server where all the images will be uploaded. You can freely access this cloud storage ANYTIME. In the future, if you would like to cancel your subscription, Moultrie will never delete your images and you can still have access to them without any extra cost.

There are different affordable data plans for everyone. You can have full access to Moultrie Mobile App irrespective of the data plan you choose. It also offers Unlimited and Pro plans if you wish to save more money.


  • 24MP resolution camera
  • Easy to set up
  • Verizon and AT&T are both available
  • Ability to record video with audio
  • Ability to transfer videos


  • Only a limited number of videos can be transferred per month
  • No time lapse feature



How are cellular trail cameras different from regular trail cameras?

Cellular trail cameras are similar to standard trail cameras with only one difference. They use wireless networks to transmit images and videos directly to the user’s smartphone. This feature makes them capable of being used in such places where human interference has to be very minimal.

Do I need to use the same network provider as my cell phone?

This is a common misconception. You do not have to be on the same network provider as your cell phone. You can use any camera and network together.

Do cellular trail cameras have worse battery life?

There is no significant difference between battery life of cellular and non-cellular trail cameras. However, there will be a loss in battery power if the connection is slow or your camera is operational for a longer period of time. But this drainage can also be recovered as many cellular trail cameras now come with solar panels for uninterrupted battery power.

Bottom Line

Cellular trail cameras are great tools that can help minimize human intervention immensely. With their cellular technology, images and videos can be seen directly from smartphones. Even cameras can be set up or updated from smartphones as well. In this review guide, we have discussed the five Best cellular trail cameras to help you choose one for your needs.

If we would pick top three from our list then they would be:

Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Trail Camera: due to its many advanced features including no-glow flash, ability to record video with audio, ability to transfer videos, etc

SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO-LTE Cellular Trail Camera: due to its non-complicated features that makes it easy to use for beginners as well.

Muddy Manifest Cellular Trail Camera: specifically due to its three-level of image resolution:20MP/8MP/4MP.

Out of these three, our number one pick from best cellular trail cameras would undoubtedly be the Moultrie Mobile Delta Base Cellular Trail Camera.

With this, we conclude our review guide for best cellular trail cameras.

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