5 Best Nanny Cameras to Buy in 2022!

Are you thinking about purchasing a nanny camera? What is the definition of best nanny cameras for you? Well, they are the smart cameras that can help nannying your baby or keep an eye on your nanny as well.

Different nanny cameras have different functions like two-way talk, pan-and-tilt function, live streaming, footage storage, night vision, mobile alerts etc. Installing the best nanny cameras will give you peace of mind when you are not with your kids.

With the help of two-way talk you can talk to your children anytime. If you are away from home than you can watch quality real-time streaming of your kids. With the help of night vision you can check on your kids at night without having to enter their room.

In this guide, I have gathered some best nanny cameras that have quality features like good audio and video, design etc. The review of those such cameras is as follows.

How to Choose Best Nanny Cameras?

Before deciding which nanny camera should be purchased, you first have to know what its key features are. Therefore before moving on to the list of best nanny cameras let’s first read their main characteristics.

Audio Recording Ability

Best nanny cameras have two-way audio features. This means while listening to what’s going on in your home, you can also talk to them. Also, you can record the audio but there are certain audio recording laws that you must abide.

Video Quality

Do you know nanny cameras record videos in HD clarity but such devices are costly and have smaller storage space? Therefore, choosing a nanny camera that shoots at 720p or 1080p will be best option. Note that the clarity of videos in 720p or 1080p is suitable for most.

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Viewing Angle

Viewing angle must be according to the size of the room you want to monitor. Therefore, choosing the camera with pan and tilt options will be wiser.

Smartly Integrated

Almost all nanny cameras come with their associated app so that you can keep tabs on your kids while you are away. Also, you can talk to them in real-time with their two way audio options.

Power Supply

If you are considering purchasing nanny cameras then keep in mind that they come in two types.

  • AC-powered from which you get power directly from the outlet
  • Battery operated on which you have to change battery after a time period that is not usually short.

5 Best Nanny Cameras to Consider in 2022

1. Google Nest Cam Indoor

Top on my list is Google Nest indoor camera which is the most reviewed on different platforms. It comes with a stand and wall mounting plate that makes installation convenient.  With its 1080p HD video, you can stay connected to what matters. It has the ability to live stream 24/7 which is a very useful option. With its live streaming, you can check in your kids anywhere and anytime, be it day or night.

Nest camera is a smart camera that has the ability to send a picture of spotted activity if it considers it unusual. You can send these snapshots in 1929×1080 resolution. It provides a 3 hours snapshot history to make sure nothing is missed. With the help of a built-in microphone, it even lets you talk and listen to people at home.

There are eight infrared LEDs that aid in night vision. You can have a proper look of the room no matter how dark it is. It is quick and easy to set up. All you have to do is download the Nest App and follow its instructions. With Nest Aware you can have more video history and new alerts with its 39 days free trial

You can also have 10 days of 24/7 video history with Nest Aware Plus so that you can see what you have missed. In case of capturing unusual sounds, it sends you intelligent alerts. With its Home App, you can directly call 911 in case of emergency.

If you are worrying about your videos might get stolen or be used in other places than rest assured as it has Industry-leading security that makes all your stuff fully secured.


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Uninterrupted live streaming
  • Intelligent alerts on mobile


  • Expensive
  • 2-year limited warranty


2. Eufy Solo Indoor Camera p24

If you want to see what is going on with your kids in your house or what and how are they doing then Eufy Solo Indoor Camera p24 from our best nanny cameras is best for you. With its 2K clarity and 1080p with Apple HomeKit, you can watch everything in detail. Also, for complete control on surveillance, you can connect it to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

If its built-in AI registers any unusual voice and crying of a child, it will immediately notify you. Also, it will notify you as soon as it starts recording any movement in its detection zones. You can customize its detection zone to receive only its notification.

If it detects any moving object in its activity zone then it will automatically track and follow it. Its AI is pretty powerful as it can distinguish between humans and pets. You can remotely pan the lens 360° horizontally or tilt it 96° vertically to see the whole room.

It can record in low-light settings too. You can talk to anyone with its built-in two-way audio. It gives you a dual option for storing your recordings. You can either store them locally on an SD card or in the cloud. But it requires at least 2.4 GHz wifi signal to store the videos up to 128 GB freely.


  • 360° panning
  • Motion sensitive
  • Sound sensitive


  • Eufy Homebase is not supported
  • Requires at least 2.4GhHz wifi signal


3. Wyze Cam v3 

Wyze cam v3 makes a perfect nanny camera because of its affordability, two-way talk, built-in siren, and night capture mode. It’s a third-generation camera from its flagship store. It lets you watch and record videos in 1080p directly from your mobile. With an IP65 rating, it can be installed outside because of its weatherproof and waterproof nature.

It has a Starlight Sensor which aids in recording in extreme low-light. It also has colour night viewing, which makes night-time videos appear as daytime. Its f/1.6 aperture lens can capture 2x lighter than its competitors.

It can start recording when it detects motion or sound in its Motion Detection Zone which can be customized or turned off completely. If you supply it with a 32Gb MicroSD card then it can do continuous recording for 24/7. It also offers easy installation with its app.

It offers free 14-day event storage. It also offers paid services and subscribing to them is also affordable.


  • Affordable subscription
  • Built-in card recording
  • IP65 weatherproofing


  • Can not be integrated with Apple HomeKit



It has many top-class features which makes it one of best nanny cameras such as full HD 1080p video with 360° coverage. This camera is smart enough to automatically switch from day to night mode when the lights are turned off.

It has a full-duplex two-way talk option which means you do not have to push and talk. Meanwhile, its microphone can be muted when you do not want to be heard. It has an intelligent auto-tracking system by which it can track the detected subjects and keep them centered in the frame while moving around the room.

It offers zero blind spots with a 94° view angle, 340° horizontal rotation, and 121° vertical tilt. It can be turned to the location by simply tapping on location or by using a virtual control stick on your screen.

If you want best results then it must be placed in the far corner of the room to be monitored. It also respects your privacy. You can simply tilt the camera lens up and completely cover it if you want maximum protection.

By delivering instant notifications to your mobile, it helps you feel secure. By using the EZVIZ app, you can drop in anytime. For those with sufficient knowledge, EZVIZ PC Studio helps take the game to another level. It is available on every platform from Android to iOS.

For storage, it offers two options. You can either upload your stuff to EZVIZ cloud or you can store it in local storage (MicroSD card of up to 256 GB)


  • Up to 256 GB local storage
  • Works with Amazon, Google, IFTTT


  • No battery option
  • Costly cloud storage


5. Arlo Pro 4 

With its zoom-in feature, 2K video recording, and HDR camera for clearer pictures even at night, it is certainly one of best nanny cameras. It can be connected wirelessly so you don’t have to take care of extra gear.

On its associated mobile app, you can see things in full color at night like license plates and faces with the help of its integrated spotlight. It doesn’t have a pan and tilt option but it gives a 160° diagonal view. It can also deliver quick smart alerts for even quicker actions like sounding the siren, trigger an integrated spotlight, calling a friend or contacting emergency services all from the Arlo app ( available with 3-months of Arlo’s secure plans)

It also supports two-way audio so that you can talk to your kids whenever you like.  It also offers 2X zoom which lets you see what your child is up to. It can also be converted to an outdoor camera to monitor your kids in the backyard by simply adding Arlo Pro 4’s solar accessory.

It also works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT and Apple HomeKit for coordinated notifications.

If you don’t want to use cloud storage then you need to purchase Arlo SmartHub Base Station to save your footage to a USB drive.


  • Adjustable resolution
  • Wireless
  • Solar and battery options are available
  • 12X zoom


  • Costly
  • No pan and tilt
  • Base station is required to use local storage



We all love our kids but sometimes we have to let them stay at home. But how are we supposed to know that they are doing fine and not doing anything naughty? Similarly, many parents leave their kids at home under the guidance of a nanny. But how can we know that the nanny that we have left our kids is taking care of our kids?

There are smart cameras specially made for this purpose called nanny cameras and in this guide, I have mentioned some best nanny cameras. Some nanny cameras can be hidden in plain sight but they might violate some rules of privacy therefore in this guide I have only reviewed those cameras that cannot be hidden.

From above mentioned five cameras, I can further shortlist the three best nanny cameras which are as follows:

Google Nest cam: due to its 1080p HD video recording and ability to live stream 24/7. It can also provide 3 hours snapshot history. Its nighttime recording is also very good due to its eight infrared LEDs. It has an  Industry-leading security system which makes your stuff most secure so that you can rest assured that it will not fall into wrong hands

EZVIZ C6CN: mainly due to its zero blind spots. No corners of the room will be missed due to its 360° coverage. It also offers full HD 1080p video. It has a full-duplex two-way talk option and nighttime quality video recording. With its intelligent auto-tracking system you will not lose sight of the detected subject. It also supports large local storage ( MicroSD card up to 256 GB)

Eufy Solo Indoor Camera p24 due to its 2K clarity. It can also be integrated into Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for further control over surveillance. Its AI shows its power by distinguishing between humans and pets. With its 360° panning and 96° tilting, no corner in room will remain unmonitored.

And from these three the finalist would undoubtedly be Google Nest Cam mainly due to its live-streaming ability and ability to deliver 3 hours of snapshot history.

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