Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screens in 2023! [5 Great Choices]

These days content creation is a great way of earning and showcasing your talent at same time. Many people are considering vlogging as their career choice to become successful.

By the end of each day, we can see a new content creator on our screen but only some will succeed. Their talent is not only reason for success. They all have best vlogging cameras with flip screens that help them showcase their talent properly.

Due to the increase in content creators, vlogging cameras have evolved immensely. This is all happening because viewers want best quality of both audio and video.

Why am I emphasizing on best vlogging cameras with flip screens? Well, by flip screen you will have a better way to frame your recording whether still or video.

There are many cameras available that claim to be best vlogging cameras. But the truth is there is no best camera. It all depends on what you want. Some are big, some are heavy. Many are good for stills and others are for videos.

I have tested many vlogging cameras with flip screens and hand-picked five best from them.

Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screens

Many factors will suit your vlogging need. Below I have compiled a list of factors that I considered a must to be in best vlogging cameras with flip screens.

  • Type Of Camera

One of most important factors for best vlogging cameras with flip screens is type of camera. The type of camera depends on type of video you make.

For example, if you make vlogs in a controlled environment like from your home or secluded space with help of a tripod. Then you can take weight of camera for granted as you are not going to hold it.

Also, you are not going to be needed much stabilization because of a tripod, therefore you can set your preferences on video quality.

On the other hand, if you are making a vlog outside, or recording something adventurous then you are going to need an action camera kind of thing.

  • Video quality

More factors other than resolution play role in video quality and these are low light performance, field of view, frame rate, etc.

Irrespective of type of camera you choose for vlogging, video quality plays an important role. Most modern vlogging cameras are offering 4K resolution but still, most vloggers upload their content in 1080p.

This is because there is a majority of people who don’t enjoy 4K. But it does not mean that purchasing a 4K quality camera will be a waste of money.

Instead, this will be your future saving as 4K is getting exposure with each day that passes by. Also, if you record in 4K then you will have more area to crop the footage without losing detail.

  • External Mic input

Best vlogging cameras with flip screens come with built-in mic support but they are not good at recording audio while you are recording your vlog. They pick up too much background noise which is not good at all period!

A way to record your vlog is to record the video and then record audio separately, syncing these audios and videos will be a tedious task.

An easier way is to purchase a camera with external mic support that will record video and audio with the aid of external mic support in sync.

  • Battery life

Battery life of a camera depends upon number of factors but having a camera with good battery life will be a safer option especially if you shoot outside mostly.

  • Built-in Stabilization

If your vlogs require you to walk around a lot then consider a camera that has in-built stabilization otherwise you are going to be using different tools to tackle shake of your hands which will be quite bothersome but not impossible.

5 Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screens Reviewed!

1.     Sony A6600

User level: Professional, Beginners

A6600 is another one of best vlogging cameras with a flip screen that has many high-end features from Sony’s bigger giants. Also, supported by an APS-C sensor that performs better in low light and provides a better depth of field.

Industry-leading 5-axis in-camera gimbal stabilization helps you create perfect vlogs. High speed with accuracy due to its fast hybrid autofocus provides the opportunity to create stunning 4K videos.

Keep a continuous focus on your subject smoothly with a simple touch on a display screen.

Also, its external mic and headphone jack provide more convenience in creating vlogs while recording high-quality audio in sync.

Great Battery Life

This camera’s battery life is also exceptional as you will need one battery that will last your whole day even if you are doing travel vlogging.


  • 4K recording at 120fps.
  • Exceptional 5-axis image stabilization.
  • Impressive low-light performance.


  • Soft-Skin feature is absent.

2.    Sony ZV-1


User Level: Professional

ZV-1 from the ZV series is a remarkable camera especially created for vlogging. Combine useful features of RX100 V and RX100 VII and housed in a handy and compact body, and you will get ZV-1

It can help you create stunning vlogs by allowing you to shoot videos in up to 4K at 30fps.

Since this pocket-sized camera has been designed especially for vlogging therefore ZV-1 has impressive built-in stabilization that helps you capture videos seamlessly.

Background Defocus button offers a smooth transition by widening the aperture for a shallow depth of field.

And since I have created this list of best vlogging cameras with flip screens therefore it must have one. With a fully articulating 3-inch touchscreen display, content creation from any angle has become much more manageable.

With a 1-inch 20.1 MP BSI CMOS sensor, there is also room to create stunning photographs with natural skin tones. Video sharing is also made easy because of its ease of use.

Unlike traditional cameras in which face has to be blocked if you want to focus on something, this camera has a Product Showcase setting in which it automatically focuses on the product.

Slow-Motion And Time Lapse

Slow-motion and time-lapse also allow creation of perfect vlogs


  • Hybrid autofocus and background defocus.
  • Fully articulating 3-inch LCD screen.
  • Microphone jack


  • Average battery life.

3.     Panasonic Lumix FZ300

User Level: Beginners, Professional

Lumix has many features that are only found in DSLRs or mirrorless cameras like full auto exposure, aperture priority, shutter priority, etc making it a perfect candidate in my list of best vlogging cameras with flip screens.

Crisp and clear ultra HD videos at 30fps are possible due to 5K photo technology which makes vlogs rich in details that will woo your viewers. You can also extract photos from it so that you will not regret missing that once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

You can easily make your vlogs without fear of them getting blurred due to slower shutter speed.

5-axis image stabilization compensates and reduces blur of five different kinds of movements which lets you record for your vlog easily.

Enhanced continuous focus stability helps you make videos while not getting defocused at all.

If you are the kind of person who makes vlogs in low lights then this camera is for you as it can deliver excellent videos in low light conditions.

Talking about flip screen technology in last, that is a 3 inches swivel touch screen that also makes it easier to record in a vertical position so your vlogs are mobile-ready. Also, just with a touch of a finger, you can focus on the subject easily while recording your vlogs.

In-built Zoom Lens

FZ300 is one of most affordable vlogging cameras with flip screens which features an in-built zoom lens that is able to zoom up to 25X.


  • Touch panel LCD screen.
  • Large OLED LVF.
  • Good hand grip.


  • Interchangeable lenses are not supported.

4.     Sony Alpha ZV-E10


User Level: Professional

 Tired of making product reviews by placing a hand in front of your face? Then you have come to right place as next on my best vlogging cameras with flip screens is Sony Alpha ZV-E10 which is ideal for product reviews.

Now you can activate Product Showcase Setting and leave frustration behind as camera will automatically shift focus to product whenever it is brought in.

ZV-E10 helps you add more drama to your content with its 4X slow motion and 60X quick motion all in full-HD quality.

Simple button for background blurring makes you forget those complicated settings of other cameras. If you want a more pro blur then select Defocus and seek the attention of your viewers more easily.

High-quality video is made with its image stabilization even when you are making your vlog while walking. Face-priority auto exposure will help you brighten your face automatically in all types of light conditions.

Sony’s extensive range of lenses aids in creating professional quality vlogs with this camera which comes with an interchangeable lens system.

Making vlogs have become much easier with the help of flip screen, Also, you can take selfies and make videos of yourself easily with help of its articulating flip screen.

Pop Filter For Mic

Audio filter has added more fun and ease as you can record your audio in better quality even if it is windy outside.


  • Compact size.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not a good battery life.
  • Not weatherproofed.

5.  Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III


User Level: Beginners, Professional

Another popular choice as one of best vlogging cameras with a flip screen is G7 X Mark iii which comes from a well-known G series from flagship store. It is the all-rounder you need for your next content creation.

Housed on a 20.1MP, 1-inch  image sensor that can record uncompressed 4K videos. G7 X features a mic port due to which it becomes easier to record your video with audio of good quality in sync.

Flip-up screen of G7 helps you make mobile-ready videos and instantly share them across different platforms. Also, features like ability to live stream content make it famous among content creators.

Full HD videos of around 120fps make it possible to capture every corner. Also, you can record super smooth slow-motion playback, close-up shots that are very sharp, and much more with this Power Shot camera.

3-inch touch panel LCD will unleash great potential in you. With its 180 degrees tilt, making content is easier than ever before.

Intelligent Auto White Balance

Beginners can also enjoy it due to intelligent auto white balance that makes it easier to record in artificial or mixed lights.


  • Compact size.
  • Capable to live stream.
  • Can record uncompressed 4K video.
  • Good ergonomics


  • Features an autofocus system that is contrast based.


What makes a good vlogging camera?

Ability to do continuous autofocus is the key ingredient of a good vlogging camera. this will keep subject in focus always no matter if it moves further or nearer which is quite common in vlogging.

How do vloggers hold their cameras?

To keep your camera steady, best practice is to use a tripod with a fluid video head. This will help you make a smooth video, even if you move around.

If you want to hold a camera in your hand then you are going to have to purchase a motorized gimbal.

What lens do vloggers use?

Are you vlogging from a compact space? Then a wide-angle lens will be a perfect choice for you as it will show the most possible scene.

A 24mm lens will suffice but an ultra-wide lens of less than 24mm focal length will be the best option.

Wrap Up

Have you got talent? If yes, then you can display it across different platforms. Also, if you are on a trip to some special location, you can also stream it. But all of this content must be of high quality to make them look convincing and earn you some rewards.

For this purpose, we have dedicated cameras that are specially made for vlogging. I have reviewed five best vlogging cameras with flip screens in this guide which will help you ace your vlogging journey professionally. The top three of them are:

  • Panasonic Lumix FZ300: due to its good hand grip, best low light performance, and affordability.
  • Canon Power Shot G7 X Mark III: due to its ability to live stream and mobile-ready videos.
  • Sony A6600: due to its impressive 5-axis image stabilization.

And if I would have to choose one from these three then Canon Power Shot G7 X Mark III will be my priority especially because I can use it as my travel companion and live stream my experience.

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