How To Check Camera Shutter Count – A Complete Guide

Perhaps the toughest thing to always keep track of when you own a used camera is how many shots have been taken. We all know that cameras are subjected to abuse every time we use them, especially if we’re outdoors in various weather conditions. One way to track what your Shutter Count really is by checking it against a reliable source. The Shutter Count simply indicates the number of shots that have been taken since a new shutter was installed into your camera. In this article, I will explain in detail how to check the Camera Shutter Count of different companies.

How To Check Camera Shutter Count

What Is Shutter Count (Actuation)?

Shutter count refers to the number of times a DSLR camera’s shutter has been fired or actuated while taking pictures.

How To Check the Shutter Count on Nikon Cameras

If you own a used Nikon D5100, D5000, D3100, D3000 (or any other Nikon single-digit digital SLR camera) then this guide should help you find out exactly how many times the shutter on your camera has been fired. If it’s time for a replacement, there is no better way than seeing just how much use your current DSLR has seen. You can go about checking this information in one of two ways: either check the self-timer counter or check the “shutter actuations” counter.

Follow these steps to check the shutter counts of your nikon camera.

  • Hold down [MENU]. [I], and press [OK]. This will open up your main menu screen.
  • Highlight “Setup,” and press [OK].
  • On this new screen, use the left/right buttons to find the cursor over to “Shooting info.” Press [OK]. You can also access this menu by holding down [FUNC.] and pressing either [+/-] button. If you want to take a photo quickly, you can hold the shutter button down halfway until you see this menu.
  • Highlight “Shutter Count,” and press [OK]. You should then see the total number of times that your camera’s shutter has been fired.

How To Check the Shutter Count on Sony Cameras

When you get a new (or used) camera, it’s always important to make sure that all of the functions are working correctly. The shutter count is an easy way to see how many pictures have been taken with your camera. Follow the steps to Check the Shutter Count on Sony Cameras. Sony’s a7 and a6000 cameras have shutter count information available for checking. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Turn your camera on.
  • Press menu, select “Setup” then press ok. These instructions apply to a7 II , a7S II, a7R II, a77II, a6500, and a6300  cameras only.
  • Go down one screen under “General select “Shooting Mode”.
  • Locate “Shoot Mode” and press the center button.
  • Go down one screen under “Shooting Mode” until you reach “Release w/o mem card”. Select it by pressing the center button.
  • The counter is displayed at the top, along with how many pictures can be taken before memory becomes full. If this number is zero, then there are likely problems with your camera or it needs to be reset.

How To Check the Shutter Count on Canon Cameras

Did you just buy or borrow a used Canon camera? How do you find out how many shutter actuation there have been on the camera? Well, being able to check the shutter count is not as easy as it seems.

To determine the number of shutter cycles on a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) Canon camera model, you need to look through the viewfinder and press down on the shutter button while pointing at different light sources.

A Canon service representative will be able to tell you how many shutter releases have been made on your specific DSLR using this method. These numbers can’t be found in any public source, but they are available for each individual unit.

Why Is It Important To Know Shutter Count?

Shutter life expectancy can range 50,000 – 300,000 times, depending on the make of your DSLR camera. Shutter count is an indication of the amount of wear and tear that your camera has gone through after its life expectancy was up.

Knowing Shutter Count Can Save You Money Most DSLR cameras come equipped with a dust-collection system that is designed to prevent dust from reaching the sensor. When tested thoroughly, it can be seen that this often does not work as well as intended, which only causes frustration for both photographer and photographer’s equipment.

Since it needs to be cleaned or repaired every time you reach Shutter Count 20000 – 50000 shots, shutter replacement may be cheaper than trying to clean it every few months only to find out that Shutter Count continues to rise rapidly instead. Shutter replacement is a far wiser choice since it’s cheaper and can be done at any time. In addition, Shutter Count does not indicate the total number of shots that have been taken before Shutter Life Expectancy was up.


Shutter count is an indicator of how many times your DSLR camera’s shutter has been actuated when taking photos. It is important to track Shutter Count so you know when Shutter Life Expectancy expires and you need a new Shutter Replacement. The Shutter Count can be checked against a reliable source and your DSLR camera’s user manual. Knowing how to check your camera Shutter Count can help you save thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

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