How to make fake camera 2021

How to make fake camera 2023

So you want to know how to make a fake camera 2021.

You say that you just want this for fun, and you don’t plan on using it as an actual device. You’re not going to try and fool security screens or anything like that.

How to make fake camera 2021

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You just want something for your collection of weird stuff – so why not?

First, let’s have a look at the things you will need.

  • *Fishing line                                    
  • *Fish tank air pump              
  • *Plastic container                        
  • *Piece of flexible plastic sheet                   
  • *Transparent flexible material              
  • *Transparent tape               
  • *Scissors                        
  • *Faux camera device (optional)

I would like to point out that this tutorial is assuming you do not wish to make a “camera”. It is merely for showing off or decoration purposes. If you want to use your creation as a security device, there are many other steps and materials needed. I’m not responsible if you do something illegal with this method!

So let’s begin!


Take the air pump and plastic container, and attach them to the fishing line. There are many types of fishing lines you can use for this job. Some people prefer thin, transparent nylon lines which are harder for humans to see. Or perhaps slightly thicker ones that are less transparent but easier to handle are more suitable for you? Maybe virtually undetectable and even invisible thread? It doesn’t matter what kind of fishing wire you decide upon, as long as one end is fastened securely to your plastic tube/container, so try multiple choices until you have something that seems secure enough!


Next up take out the flexible material or sheeting. You can buy sheets made especially for this type of job, but if you’re making a fake camera you might have to use some other material instead.

You need something that is highly transparent – plastic sheeting or cling film will work great! You can use multiple layers if you want, but I recommend one layer only so the final result won’t be too bulky.

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Cut out two pieces of your chosen material/sheeting. One-piece needs to cover the top and sides of your container (which is now attached to your fishing line air pump), and another should cover the front part with any kind of frame and lenses and whatnot (like how real cameras work)!

Use tape to secure them into place. Make sure that all edges are sealed properly. This is difficult to explain in text, so hopefully, this photo will help you with your fake camera 2021!


Now we can attach the entire thing somewhere on whatever you want it sitting on. I recommend using transparent tape and attaching it to a wall or something like that, but if you already have some kind of stand for displaying fake cameras and such then feel free to use that instead. And voila! It’s done!

The final result can look something like this:

Now you have your very own fake camera 2021 to show off or use as your security device if that was the original idea. Now I just have one question for you – how are people supposed to see any images from it? Do you display photos behind it? Or perhaps the fishing wire connections are sending signals directly to computers/phones etc…? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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