How To Reset Ring Floodlight Camera

How To Reset Ring Floodlight Camera [Detailed Guide 2023]

Before knowing how to reset Ring floodlight camera, we first have to understand what is floodlight camera.

What Is Floodlight Camera

A floodlight camera is a combination of a floodlight and security camera that can be integrated with your smart home to provide added security. They are connected to a wifi network and allow its user to control them from their voice or smartphone

How To Reset Ring Floodlight Camera

Resetting floodlight cameras is easy like most cameras, which will help resolve a number of problems. While resetting your Ring cam solves many issues, on other hand it causes all your personal preferences and settings to be lost.

If you want to reset your Ring cam quickly and easily, follow the following steps.

Steps To Reset Ring Floodlight Camera

  • Step#1:Make sure the battery is fully charged

Prior to performing a reset on your Ring floodlight camera, you must first make sure that its battery is fully charged. If the battery is not fully charged, resetting process will halt midway which will cause more issues instead of minimizing them. Therefore it is imperative to juice up battery of Ring Floodlight cam prior to resetting process.

  • Step#2:Go to camera’s top and press the “Reset” button.

Find  “reset button” on your Ring floodlight camera, which is located at top of device. Press the “Reset” button once battery has been powered up.

  • Step#3: Press the “Reset “ Button

Now, press and hold “Reset” button for good 30 seconds.

  • Step#4: State Of Status Light

At bottom of the Ring Floodlight Camera, check state of status light after pressing and holding “Reset” button. Status light must flash for some time after pressing “Rest” button.

Flashing of status light for some time indicates that device is being restarted.

After performing these four simple steps, your Ring cam is finally restored.

How To Reboot Ring Floodlight Camera

If you are facing difficulties due to the Ring floodloght camera or in other words your Ring cam is not working properly then before doing anything that will erase your personal preferences and settings, try rebootting it first.

You can use Ring App to reboot your Ring Cam. Rebooting is a safer and initial step to troubleshooting your device as it will not cause any data of your Ring floodlight camera to be lost.

Rebooting your Ring cam will also help resolve some issues, especially if your camera is recording video in pink color, or gets stuck in night vision.

Keep in mind that to use “Reboot Feature” properly, your Ring Cam must be fully charged and connected to Wifi

Steps To Reboot Ring Floodlight Camera

  • In Ring app, click three lines in the upper left corner.
  • Tap “Devices”.
  • Choose your camera to check.
  • The “Device Dashboard” is following screen.
  • Top of screen will display a red wifi image if you are not connected to wifi.
  • To access the troubleshooting instructions, tap wifi image.
  • To view your wifi connection, you can also touch on the Device Health tile details of which are given below.
  • Select “Device Health”.
  • Continue with the “Reboot” if your wifi is connected (under Network).
  • On “Device Health” panel, scroll down to “Tools”.
  • Click “Restart This Device”.
  • Your device will start rebooting, which could take a while.
  • Reconnect your wifi if it isn’t connected, then try rebooting.
  • Click “Reboot This Device”.
  • Your device will start rebooting process which will be completed in a few minutes

How Do I Reconnect Ring Floodlight Camera To Wifi

If your Ring camera has lost its connection with Wifi then In order to reconnect Ring Floodlight Camera to Wifi, follow these steps:

  • In top left of screen, tap three lines.
  • After it, select “Devices”.
  • Select RIng Camera that you want to reconnect to Wifi.
  • On Device dashboard, select Device Health.
  • From here you can tap on it to reconnect to Wifi.

Where Is The Reset Button On My Ring Floodlight Camera?

You can find the camera’s reset button on top. In order to use this button, for 30 seconds, press and hold it. The status light at bottom will flash a few times when you release it to indicate that camera is resuming. Now that camera settings have been reset to factory defaults.

Why Is My Ring Floodlight Not Working?

There are several issues that may cause your Ring Floodlight camera to not work properly. Some common issues are:

  • The battery is getting weaker.
  • Your camera is not connected to wifi
  • Wires are not plugged in correctly.
  • Some wires might be left unconnected while installing Ring cam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reset A Ring Camera remotely?

Unfortunately, you can’t accomplish resetting your Ring camera remotely, so you’ll need to be close to your camera.

Can You Reset Ring Floodlight From App or website?

You cannot reset Ring floodlight camera from app or website. To reset your Ring Cam, you must use camera physically.

How Do I Reset My Ring Camera After Power Outage?

Try performing a hard factory reset on your Ring device by pushing and holding the Reset button for 20 seconds. This will trigger a setup process that you must go through all over again.

Why Is My Ring Camera Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?   

If your Ring Camera is not connecting to Wifi then the common issues to assume are:

  • There is a temporary connectivity issue.
  • Your network router is not working properly.
  • There is a connectivity issue with your camera.

What Do You Do When Your Ring Camra Won’t Connect?            

If your Ring Cam is not connected to Wifi, then unplug your router for 30 seconds and then replug it. If this does not solve your problem then check if other devices are getting connected to wifi or not.

If other devices are not facing any issues then reboot your camera. If rebooting your Ring cam does not resolve this issue then try resetting it.

If doing this does not resolve your issue either, then you might have to get your RIng floodlight cam tested for connectivity issues.

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