How To Reset Eufy Floodlight Camera

How To Reset Eufy Floodlight Camera in 2023?

With Eufy Floodlight camera, you can have Live Stream in 1080p HD quality and you can drop in any time to see what is going on in your presence..

If you want to add more surveillance, human detection, motion alert, two-way audio real-time communication, and other security features to increase your protection, then move ahead just by installing Eufy Floodlight camera

With its excellent night vision, you can see crystal-clear footage even at nighttime. But sometimes, even best devices get stuck due to some setting issues or software problems. And some of these times left you with no option but to reset your device and Eufy Floodlight Camera is no acceptance.

If you want to know how easily Eufy Floodlight Camera can be reset then keep reading.

Steps To Reset Eufy Floodlight Camera

If you are facing malfunctions like connectivity or software issues then you can try and reset your Eufy Floodlight camera. But make sure to save any important footage as you will have to reconnect to Eufy Security App after resetting.

Steps to reset Eufy cam are very easy and these are:

  • Locate Sync button at backside of camera.
  • Once you have located the Sync button. Press and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • When you hear two beeps then let go of button.
  • Your camera is officially reset now.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Get My Eufy Floodlight Camera Back Online?

Check the following if the camera goes offline:

  • Check to see if the camera’s battery is low. Charge the battery if necessary.
  • Try to bring the camera closer to the HomeBase if you recently moved it.
  • Remove the offline eufyCam from the EufySecurity app, then add it to HomeBase once more.

Why Is My Eufy Offline?

If there is a power outage, kindly check. If so, the LED indication light on the Floodlight Cam will be turned off. Kindly power cycle the Eufy Floodlight Cam to see if the problem may be rectified if the LED indicator light is on.

How Do I Reconnect My Eufy Floodlight To New WiFi?

You must hold down the Sync button on the floodlight camera for at least two seconds before you hear a beep to pair the floodlight with the router. Following that, the floodlight camera will join the router.

Why Won’t My Eufy Camera Connect?

Try rebooting your Eufy device to resolve any issues if you’re still having trouble, then try resetting it. after resetting it, try to pair the device once again when it has done resetting.

How Can I Temporarily Disable My Floodlight Camera?

To turn off Eufy Cameras, you simply need to:

  • In the app, select the Settings icon.
  • In the camera settings of the app, select “Camera On” and click “OK.”
  • The power supply to the camera can also be turned off to turn off the camera.
  • Go to the camera settings to restart it.
  • To restart the device, select Restart Device.

Why Does My Eufy Floodlight Camera Keep Going Offline?

Eufy Cam might be getting offline, If the battery dies, the HomeBase and Wi-Fi connections are lost, or the Eufy app needs to be updated, your Eufy camera goes offline. If the issue persists after a reboot, check your camera’s battery and Wi-Fi settings to make sure they are configured properly.

What Does It Mean If My Eufy Floodlight Camera Flashes Blue And Green?

The camera attempts to re-establish its Internet connection when a blinking blue light appears. When the camera is in pairing mode after a factory reset, a red light will appear.

How Do I Reconnect My Eufy Floodlight Camera?

The steps to reconnect Eufy Floodlight Camera are as follows:

  • Please open the eufy Security app, select Devices, and Add Device, depending on your device model.
  • Plug the Indoor Cam into a wall outlet using the supplied power adapter and cable. Tap Next.
  • Scan the Indoor Cam’s QR code.
  • Press and hold the Indoor Cam’s SYNC button for 2 seconds until a beeping sound is heard.
  • Choose a 2.4GHz WiFi network.
  • Enter the 2.4GHz WiFi network password, then select Confirm.
  • The Indoor Cam will then automatically connect to the chosen 2.4GHz WiFi network.

Where Is The QR code on Eufy Floodlight Camera?

Usually, the bottom of the floodlight camera is where the QR code is located. Please press and hold the button to open the mounting base of the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro in order to find the QR code.

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