How To Install Ring Floodlight Camera! [Complete Guide 2023]

Before jumping into to installation process, first, understand what is flood light camera.

What Is Floodlight Camera

An outdoor floodlight and an outdoor security camera are combined into a single fixture called a smart floodlight camera. These gadgets let you control them with your phone and, in some circumstances, your voice using Wi-Fi to connect to your home network

Floodlight cameras are excellent for keeping an eye on a sizable, heavily trafficked area because they often produce broader, stronger light.

  •  Read this step-by-step guide to successfully install Ring Floodlight camera.

Step By Step Installing Ring Floodlight Cam

  • Get Ready for Installation

You need to start by making the necessary preparations before you can install the Ring camera. One of the most crucial procedures in this process is turning off the power at the breaker.

Remove any current lighting fixtures you may have. Make sure to seek the assistance of an electrician for help routing the power lines through the walls if there isn’t an existing light fixture.

  • Put The Mounting Bracket In Place

Take your Ring Floodlight Cam out of the box and feed the cables through the tiny hole at the bottom once the power lines have passed through the wall. The mounting bracket should then be aligned and secured using screws.

  • Wire Your Ring Floodlight Cam

If you are done with mounting the bracket then start wiring Ring floodlight camera ((How to wire a Ring Floodlight camera will be discussed later in this article).

Tip: Use given hook for holding Ring camera when you start connecting wires.

  • Hang Ring Floodlight Camera

Now hang Ring floodlight camera by following these steps:

  • Firstly, remove hook.
  • Pass wires through hole into a junction box.
  • Align mounting holes with cameras and then screw them.

Adjusting Camera Angle And Lights

When everything is in its place then adjust Ring cam angle. Also, position lights by loosening adjustment knobs and retightening them.

  • Final Step

After doing as instructed, finally, turn the power back on, and start setting up your Ring Floodlight camera.

How To Set Up Ring Floodlight Camera

  • Start by downloading Ring App
  • Create an account.
  • Select “Set up a Device”.
  • Tap on “Security Cams”.
  • After selecting above settings, scan MAC ID or QR code which you can find on backside of camera.
  • Allow Ring App to use your mobile’s location.
  • Give a name to your device ( you can also use a custom name)
  • When all is done, follow physical installation steps given by app.
  • After installing it, put camera in “Setup Mode” by pressing and releasing top button on Ring floodlight camera.
  • Click “Continue” in app when bottom light starts blinking white.
  • Join “Ring wifi network” ( android device will automatically connect to said network).

Please follow the instructions below if your device does not immediately connect to the Ring wifi network:

  • To exit the Ring app, press the home button on your smartphone.
  • Go to the Settings app and select WiFi.
  • Wi-Fi is then established.
  • From the list of accessible networks, pick the Ring Wifi network.
  • Close your Settings app after connecting, then go back to the Ring app.

After following above instructions, connect Ring Floodlight cam to your Wifi and start trying and testing your camera by configuring its settings like motion zones, etc.

Where To Install Ring Floodlight Camera

When the motion sensor is parallel to the ground and roughly nine feet above ground, Ring floodlight Cam performs flawlessly. Ring Cam may record HD footage of the faces of guests while covering a large visual area from this height.

Ring Floodlight Cam’s Optimal Motion Zone is reduced when it is mounted too low. This can be effective if you only need to detect motion in a very small area, but it frequently leads to missed detections of approaching guests or missed head captures when the sensors are triggered.

Mounting your Ring floodlight  high is not a problem. It will cover a large visual area and record distinct footage of people’s faces. You’ll have a better chance of recording the events you want to remember.

How To Wire A Ring Floodlight Camera

Loop your Ring Cam’s copper ground wire around the green ground nut on the bracket for the Floodlight Cam.

Using a wire nut, join the copper ground wire to the end of the green or copper ground wire exiting your junction box.

Note: When using a wire nut, wrap the wires you want to connect together, insert the ends, then tighten the wire nut clockwise until it is tight.

Using another wire nut, join the black wire on your junction box to the black wire on the Ring floodlight camera.

Connect the white wire on the Ring Floodlight  to the white wire coming from your junction box.

Safety Reminder: Consult a certified electrician if your junction box doesn’t contain wires that are plainly colored black and white.


Why Won’t My Ring Floodlight Camera Connect?

If your Ring floodlight camera is not getting connected then check whether wires are properly plugged in or not. Also, check if lights on router are green.

If this won’t fix your problem, then check your Wifi connection. For 30 seconds, disconnect your router and then reconnect it.

How Do I Reset My Ring Floodlight Camera?

Find the Ring camera’s reset button on the top. For 30 seconds, press and hold the reset button. The status light at the bottom will flash a few times when you release it to indicate that the camera is resuming. Now camera settings have been reset to factory defaults.

Does Ring Floodlight cam need to be hardwired?

Ring floodlight Cam must be hardwired or in simple words, connected to a typical junction box in order to handle its wide range of functionalities.

How Do I Setup My Ring Floodlight Camera Without A QR code?

If you experience issues with scanning the QR code or MAC ID barcode, you can select “Set Up Without Scanning” and select “Floodlight Cam” to continue through the setup process.

Can I Manually Control Floodlights?

Yes, you can manually control floodlights from Ring app. Even though Floodlight Cam will automatically turn on the lights at night as soon as it detects motion, you may also manually turn the lights on or off using the app.

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