How Do Nanny Cameras Work? [2023 Updated]

To have a nanny or babysitter is sometimes necessary if you are a kind of parent who leaves children alone frequently due to work or some other reasons. But having your kids babysat by a stranger is not a comfortable option.

In such circumstances where you have no other option than to leave your kids at home alone with a babysitter, a nanny camera plays an important role.

But in order to make the most of nanny cameras, it is necessary for you to understand how they work. Only then, you will have peace of mind wherever you are. But first let us just understand what exactly are nanny cameras then only we will be able to understand how nanny cameras work.

What Are Nanny Cameras?

If you want something to monitor your home and kids whenever you are not with them then nanny cameras are the best tool you can get.

Nanny cameras are basically video or webcam cameras that come in different shapes and sizes. Some are small that can be hidden in toys or clocks etc. Others look like baby monitor or traditional cameras.

You can hide them to keep an eye on caregivers. But make sure nanny knows that she is being monitored before you start using nanny camera. Although, you do not have to disclose its location.

How Does A Nanny Cam Work?

Nanny camera or cameras are remotely wired to your smartphone or laptop etc Through your home network. This way you can view multiple nanny cameras at your fingertips.

Although it will take time to set up all cameras and then link them to your device. But all ordeal is worth it because you will get peace of mind knowing you can monitor your kids with their nanny anywhere and any time.

To make process more secure, nanny cameras are password protected which will restrict logging in of other persons. However, you can share password with other members of family or friends if you wish that is.

What Is The Purpose Of A Nanny Camera?

The main purpose of a nanny camera is to monitor your kids at home when you are not at home but there are other purposes too which are mentioned below.

Safety Of Child And Pet

As a parent and a pet owner, all we want is safety for both of them. Nanny cams help us to keep an eye on our kids and pets and their interaction with each other.

Nanny cameras also help in monitoring the behavior of children and nannies with each other. They can also help keep tabs on kids when they are alone or having their friends over.

Safety Of Employee

Some nanny cameras also have a connection to a panic alarm which nanny can use to notify parents that their presence is needed urgently.

Many nannies also feel safer because they know that their actions are being monitored. And in case of any medical emergency or home invasion, they will not be held questionable.

Feel Connected

It is natural for parents to feel sad when they are away from their children. One of most important purposes of a nanny cam is to make parents feel more connected to their kids.

With nanny cameras, you have peace of mind that you will not miss any important milestones and moments

Keep An Eye on Workers

With a nanny cam, you can also keep an eye on workers and make sure nothing is being stolen.

Nanny Cameras not only keep your kids and pets safe, but they also make sure that your possessions are well protected.

Monitoring Behavior

All parents that are away from home want to keep an eye on behavior of their wards and their caretakers. A nanny camera helps you monitor every action that takes place in your absence.

It can also help determine whether a nanny’s behavior is in need of gentle correction or some strict action.

Do All Nanny Cameras Require WIFI?

No, not all nanny cameras require WiFi. There are many cameras that use LTE plans instead.

There are also many nanny cameras that do not need a network connection at all, because they record all footage on local storage like HARD Disk Drives or MicroSD cards.

Where Should A Nanny Cam Be Placed?    

If you have purchased a nanny camera but do not know where to place it to capture most activities then I can tell you some best places.

The most common place to place your nanny cameras is a living room or family room. This place is where most of the action takes place. You can place your nanny cam here to monitor your kids, pets, and home security in general.

Your child’s nursery or room is also another suitable place to hide your nanny camera if you want to record interaction between your kids and nanny.

Also, try to set nanny camera someplace high above eye level. Some of the good choices would be a top of shelf. Just make sure that nothing comes in front of its lens directly or be ready to miss all action.

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