Best cameras for underwater photography -Top 5 Best DSLR Cameras Reviewed

How to take good Underwater photos

We all love our pricey underwater camera equipment, but sometimes we just cannot spend the big bucks on the latest gadgets. The good news is that there are many ways to take great photographs without having to spend too much money.

Getting your hands on a cheap point-and-shoot camera can help you score some of these shots with relative ease. Of course, you can also buy a disposable underwater camera, but that would mean that after each use you have to just throw away the image. Here are some tips on how to do some of those quick and easy underwater shots with your point-and-shoot camera.

How to take good Underwater photos

Best cameras for underwater photography -Top 5 Best DSLR Cameras Reviewed

Make sure you purchase waterproof housing for your point-and-shoot camera. Most brands can be purchased for around $50 at your local sports store. This way the camera is able to go underwater with you without ever coming into contact with the water. Plus, it also acts as a great case if there are any drops or falls along the way. Waterproof housings are very careful and tough, and will certainly save your camera from breaking.

check: Best cameras for underwater photography -Top 5 Best DSLR Cameras Reviewed

Conventional wisdom says that you should not take shots in the water right away because of all the chlorine, saltwater, and other things in your way. The best time to take photos is when you are out on a boat or when there is no current at all. If you do go underwater, then make sure it is close to the surface. Water too deep down will only create blurry images.

Close-up shots are great for underwater photography because they do not require fast shutter speeds or high f-stops. You can get some great results when you put your camera in macro mode and go with the “auto” setting. If you do not have a macro mode, then just put the camera on a setting that is going to emphasize your subject.

Depending upon the current and how much it is moving, you should either take still shots or have a friend record some video. Underwater videos are always great to see because they show off all of the different fish and coral life. However, do not spend too much time trying to get these videos because your camera will need to be set on a fairly low f-stop and therefore you would have slow shutter speeds.

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When it comes to the actual shots, you should first start by filling up the entire frame of your picture with just one or two subjects. Be sure to place the subject right in front and center in order to get the best shot. Nothing is worse than a picture where the subject is off to one side or even cut off.

The next step should be for you to focus your lens on the main part of your subject, whether it is a fish or coral. You can do this by holding your camera very close to it and pressing gently on the shutter button. Once again, make sure that you are filling up as much of the frame as possible to ensure that your subject is captured properly.

Avoid using flash when taking underwater shots because this could result in an almost completely white image. You can avoid this by setting your camera’s functions on “metering” or “center-weighted.” Also, if you are shooting in the water further than five meters away, then lights become pretty useless anyway.

The LCD screen on most point-and-shoot cameras is not super clear which means that it could be difficult to tell exactly what you are getting. You can solve this problem by purchasing an LCD screen protector. These are plastic covers that go over the actual LCD display and allow you to see your photos with greater accuracy.

This will work great for all of those underwater shots that you want to take, whether they are in an aquarium or out on a boat. All it takes is one quick google search to find the best prices surrounding waterproof housings. You will be able to take all of those great underwater photos with the best possible clarity, so start checking online for some cheap housing right now!

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